If you can't find your perfect jewel,

you can always design it

The process of making our jewelry starts with the design and is done in the traditional way. After a meticulous selection of the best materials in their country of origin, our workshop begins. The best gemstones are mounted one by one on each piece, with attention given to even the smallest of details, until perfection is achieved.

Our manufacturing process is carried out entirely in Spain. In addition, our strict control in every step of the process allows us to offer our clients the chance to design their own jewelry.

In making these designs we remain committed to quality and uniqueness. We allow our clients to see the designs of their dreams come to life: something that they had never managed to find before coming to us. A family jewel that once belonged to a loved one no longer has to remain in a photo. We can make any piece into reality.

At Gayubo we create any jewel as long as the design provided by the client is not protected under copyright or intellectual property rights, or is not a model registered by a brand, in accordance with the precepts set by current legislation.

Diseña tu joya - GAYUBO — Home Of Classic Jewelry  Diseña tu joya
Diseña tu joya - GAYUBO — Home Of Classic Jewelry  Diseña tu joya

Our Gems

At Gayubo we do not work with anything that does not contain a diamond. We work with colourful gems such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds and occasionally will create designs with other gemstones.

For us, it’s crucial that all of our suppliers follow the ethical and professional standards of the jewelry industry. That is why we choose them very carefully, following strict guidelines.

In the diamond world, all of our suppliers are Sightholder, which belongs to Diamond Trading Company and who follow strict guidelines. These principles are used to ensure the best practice in the diamond industry.

In the trading in other gems, no official organisation exists. This is the reason we visit prestigious international trade fairs such as Tuscon or Basil to deal directly with trusted suppliers based in the countries of origin of materials.

At Gayubo we buy our diamonds directly from its place of origin. All of our diamonds are always certified and comply with the conditions of the “Kimberley Process” (certification system for international trade to avoid the flow of conflict diamonds). Diamonds are classified through the so-called 4C: carat, colour, clarity and cut. In Gayubo, we select our diamonds with a 10x magnifying glass in order to classify all of them in quality of the purity of at least Vs (very small inclusion), colour H indicating their weight in carats, and size, cut and polish of at least, Very Good. If you would like to find out more about the process click on How to buy a diamond. Our colour gems are selected one by one to ensure that all of our pieces are true jewels, taking into account their most important features: weight, crystallisation and colour. Being natural gems, no two are exactly the same.