Gayubo has been linked to premium jewelry since 1965 when Alejandro Gayubo opened his first workshop, the result of needing to show unique products bearing his name. Since then the Gayubo name has remained intact from one generation to the next through its timeless design.

Today, over 50 years later, his two daughters, Almudena and Pilar Gayubo have made the brand a benchmark in premium jewelry in Spain.

For Pilar, a gemologist by vocation, Gayubo isn’t just a company- it’s her way of life. Since she was a child she has been cleaning, placing and inspecting the jewelry made in the workshop: a passion that has grown over the years and continues today with diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

Gayubo is also one of her sister Almudena’s great passions. Her love for learning and the joy she finds in her profession makes all the long hours in workshops worth it. Beyond that, her training in jewelry design is truly evident in her work.

Together the two Gayubo sisters do more than just offer the best quality of jewelry. They also design and produce each piece with soul and enduring character. This is based on the excellence in the gems and metals they use, their eye for detail and their successful 100% Spanish processes.

In short, their classic jewelry is made to last far into the years. It is made to last forever.