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Gayubo’s Atelier


Gayubo has been linked to premium jewelry since 1965 when Alejandro Gayubo  opened his first workshop, the result of needing to show unique products bearing his name. Since then the Gayubo name has remained intact from one generation to the next through its timeless design.

Today, over 50 years later, his two daughters, Almudena and Pilar Gayubo have made the brand a benchmark in premium jewelry in Spain.

For Pilar, a gemologist by vocation, Gayubo isn’t just a company- it’s her way of life. Since she was a child she has been cleaning, placing and inspecting the jewelry made in the workshop: a passion that has grown over the years and continues today with diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

Gayubo is also one of her sister Almudena’s great passions. Her love for learning and the joy she finds in her profession makes all the long hours in workshops worth it. Beyond that, her training in jewelry design is truly evident in her work.

Together the two Gayubo sisters do more than just offer the best quality of jewelry. They also design and produce each piece with soul and enduring character. This is based on the execellence in the gems and metals they use, their eye for detail and their successful 100% Spanish processes.

In short, their classic jewelry is made to last far into the years. It is made to last forever.

Design your Jewelry

The process of making our jewelry starts with the design and is done in the traditional way. After a meticulous selection of the best materials in their country of origin, our workshop begins. The best gemstones are mounted one by one on each piece, with attention given to even the smallest of details, until perfection is achieved.

Our manufacturing process is carried out entirely in Spain. In addition, our strict control in every step of the process allows us to offer our clients the chance to design their own jewelry.

In making these designs we remain committed to quality and uniqueness. We allow our clients to see the designs of their dreams come to life: something that they had never managed to find before coming to us. A family jewel that once belonged to a loved one no longer has to remain in a photo. We can make any piece into reality.

Our gems

At Gayubo we do not work with anything that does not contain a diamond. We work with colorful gems such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds and occasionaly will create designs with other gemstones.

For us it’s crucial that all of our suppliers follow the ethical and professional standards of the jewelry industry. That is why we choose them very carefully, following strict guidelines.

In the diamond world all of our suppliers are Sightholder, which belongs to Diamond Trading Company and whom follow strict guidelines. These principles are used to ensure the best practice in the diamond industry.

In the trading in other gems, no official organisation exists. This is the reason we visit prestigious international trade fairs such as Tuscon or Basil to deal directly with trusted suppliers based in the countries of origin of materials.

At Gayubo we carefully select our diamonds with a X10 Magnifier so that they are classified in Vs (very small inclusion) quality, colour, and weight in terms of carats. If you would like to find out more about the process click on How to buy a diamond.  Our color gems are selected one by one to ensure that all of our pieces are true jewels, taking into account their most important features: weight, crystallisation and colour. Being natural gems, no two are exactly the same.